Our Team

Chapter Founder & Head

Hi everyone! I'm Iris, and I'm a senior at Amity. I have always loved math and other STEM activities, and I'm really excited to be expanding this amazing community!

Executive Directors

Evelyn Chen

Hello! I'm Evelyn, a senior in high school. I enjoy reading and debate and I look forward to a fun competition!

Emily Gu

Hey y'all! I'm Emily and I'm a senior at Amity! I'm an avid fencer, SciBowler, and casual music listener. I enjoy anything that keeps my brain occupied!

Hallie Lai

Hi! I'm Hallie and I'm a junior at Amity High school. I like reading and playing the piano. I also like solving puzzles, from jigsaw puzzles to challenging math problems!

Deborah Luo

Hey all! I'm Deb, and I like painting, physics, and anything with layers - whether that be poetry or math problems!

JJ Sun

Hi! I'm JJ and I'm a senior at Amity High School. I love playing violin and singing. I also really enjoy math and am looking forward to the competitions!

Outreach Director

Grace Liu

What's up? I'm Grace and I'm a student of Darien High School. I enjoy building things and I hope these math competition makes yall like STEM! 

Helena Chaine

Hello there!! I'm Helena Chaine, and I am currently a junior at Hamden Hall Country Day School. I enjoy doing aerial silks/trapeze, binge-watching TV shows, and oversleeping my alarms in my free time. Additionally, I like participating in math/science competitions and hope to spread my passion to everyone. :) 

Grace Bian

Heyy, I’m Grace and I’m a junior at Cheshire High School.  I love sports and obsessing over a good show with my dog. I also enjoy STEM and hope to make math more exciting for you guys!